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Eternit course

The Eternit course is used to stage World and European minigolf championships. Each hole was designed specifically to reward pinpoint putting accuracy. The world record score is a perfect 18 - an ace at every hole.

Eternit Course

The runs are 6.25 metres long and 0.9 metres wide, with a target circle diameter of 1.4 metres. 18 of the 25 standard hole designs can be chosen to make an approved course. An 18-hole Eternit course can be installed quite comfortably on a site measuring 800 square metres. The durable cement fibre playing surface is frost-resistant and weatherproof.

City Golf UK are able to supply tournament-approved Eternit courses in the UK

City Golf

For more details on City Golf, please see their website

City Golf can also provide Swedish Felt courses. Please click here for more details.

The BMGA has drawn up design recommendations for those planning to install a minigolf or adventure golf course. These are available at this link.To contact the supplier of Adventure golf courses, please use the form below. This will send an e-mail directly to the supplier.

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